Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Printable DIY Tarot Card Blank Template And More

Tarot card blanks for creating your own.  The colorful sadness that you see under the blanks are only an example.  They are a very sad example.  For the blanks that you can fully decorate and load with your own images in Photo Shop or similar program (I use because it is free) simply click the link you see here TAROT BLANKS.

Here are a few things that I found from around the great land of the internet (not blanks, but maybe of some interest since you are here.)

Here are some color-your-own tarot cards from Karen's Whimsy.

Here is a how-to on making your very own tarot non-video step-by-step tutorial from Cosmic Faery's Tarot.

Here is a tutorial on how to make jewelry from old tarot cards.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back-To-School Special! Free Printable Backpack Slip-in Tags!

Here's one that is near and dear to mine own heart!

 There are six of these per page.  Print as many pages as you need.  My thought was that maybe they should be placed front to back if your child's pack (or lunch box or maybe even coat zipper) has a tag holder with two clear sides.  But feel free to tape them, staple, put them in a baggy and glue them to anything that needs a label for this up-coming school year! :)  Monkey Tags

These are from my (Stephanie's) home blog over at Life In Engspanol.  They feature both English and Spanish together on the same tag.  There are two sets, one that is more for young men and one that was created with young ladies in mind.  However, feel free to print of any that your child may like, there is no true gender rules when it comes to a youngsters likings!

Bilingual Tags

I thought that these were pretty nifty for our more mature youths.

Teen tags from Cul-de-sac COOL

And these are about the coolest that I could find for a teenage guy...I guys you can tell that I am not one...I had no clue!  Regardless, these are totally epic! (I hope that they are cool enough..*eek*)

Personalize Your Own Star Wars Tag 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Bluesday Tuesday, Let's Make It Smurfy*!

(Smurfs* to the best of my knowledge are owned by I.M.P.S. If this information is incorrect I am truly sorry and will gladly correct my mistake given the proper copyright holder's name.)

Today I was feeling kind of, I am making a "blue" post.  To be honest; I am no longer feeling blue. Thank you Pierre Culliford aka Peyo (Smurf's/Schtoumpf's creator) from making this Bluesday a little smurfier for me! :)

I want to start out today with a link that leads you to a full page of printable Smurf goodness.  I am showing just a few pictures of the paper crafts from this list from below.  This is not a complete picture list, there are so to many to post all of the pictures, and since they are all on the same page there is only one link to follow to find these wondrous projects of joy I shall just tease you with some pics and hope that you follow suite and see them all for yourselves! :)

BlueBuddies Awesome Paper Crafts and Stuff Link

Yes, now you can be the prettiest lady Smurf!

This is just awesome!

Who's up for finger puppet fun?

This next set will have several direct links to help you get to the printables stuffs that I favored over at (the official Smurf website)  and one link that I just really liked from that site, which is the history of Peyo (the creator of these blue friends.)

History of the Smurf's Peyo

Coloring Pages (this one has Nat, I just love the Smurflings!)
(It's a PDF file and I can't grab a pic to show you...but it's really awesome coloring page and it has friends!)

Cut-out picture frame/mat featuring Brainy Smurf being pinched by a crab! :)

Connect-the-dots Smurf riding on Puppy sheet (also PDF)


Now onto wrapping paper...and who doesn't like Smurf wrapping papers?!?! (I could only find one for free...but it is CUTE!)

Smurfy Present Wrapping Paper from Family Shopping Bag

But where are the Smurf-tastic games?!?!..Oh!, here they are! (I knew I'd find them somewhere..)

The Party Animal-Blog's "Brainy Smurfs Quiz"  (PDF)

Brainy's glasses cut-out to wear while playing this game!
(note: these were not really Brainy's glasses, but they look like it and will work...they are actually the glasses of a young wizard with a odd scar on his forehead.....)

One sheet, eight page mini Smurf color sheet from Family Shopping Bag

The Party Mall's seemingly impossible mushroom maze titled "SMURFS"

Here's hours lost to a good cause..right? ;)

And now to end the "blues" for is a paper hat. It is very Smurfy...and it will make other people smile when you wear it! (or laugh at you...but that's happiness..right!??!)

Smurfy hat from the Family Shopping Bag (don't let the name scare you, it's free)

Now go forth and have yourself a very Smurfy Bluesday! :)

Author:  Stephanie Corchado-Castaneda of  for

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free Printable Beware of Dog Signs

Well, Summer is here and people are outside being people (well, I'm not.  I am not big on the outside when it's hot!)

Folks will be hanging out on the streets, kids poking fingers though fences, all kinds of things to aggravate your poor pooch in her/his own yard!

I figured that I would try to help this situation by offering a list of some of the free printable "Beware of Dog" signs that I found just loafing around the greater world wide web area (not aggravating your dog(s)!)

(I made the first two...because I wanted too....but you can still find them running around the www...)

beware of dog sign, beware of dog, cuidado con el perro, dog, warning, guard dog, watch dog

This BILINGUAL "BEWARE OF DOG" SIGN is from Life in Engspanol (the blog that I ((Stephanie)) call home.)  This link also has a very generic tutorial for "laminating" printable signs using freezer bags.

ugly dog, crazy dog, beware of dog, beware of dog sign, free printable beware of dog sign

This CRAZY MAN-EATING POOCH SIGN is only available here at Free Printable Fun.  It's sassy and scary and funny, but mostly it's just creepy!  The funny slogan is cute, but hopefully children will be so put off by the really ugly dog picture that it will serve it's purpose!

This VERY OFFICIAL LOOKING GUARD DOG SIGN is the most classic sign in this list.  I couldn't get a direct link to the free PDF, but it's easy to find.  Click the link and scroll down until you see the picture listed the print button.

How classy and professionally made does this BLACK AND WHITE BEWARE OF DOG SIGN look?!?!  This project will not take a lot of colored ink...really.  It looks almost elegant.  Nicely done Hoover Web Design!

Eye catching, isn't it?  This PLAINLY STATED "BEWARE OF DOG" SIGN  looks really great and kind of 3-D.  See it to believe how awesome it looks!  Thanks Print Free!

COMICAL AND TO THE POINT this sign is cute.  I hope that it doesn't draw more kids with ear-pulling mitts than not, but it is noticeable!  Hopefully eye-balling parents will see it first and take note!  (Maybe it should be placed at adult eye-level if possible.)  I would use it, but as I mentioned, I would place it for adult eyes mostly...up high-ish!

This was my awesome-fluke find.  At first I thought that it wouldn't pertain to my subject...but oh it does!  This can be a warning to other dog owners that your dog owns this poo-poo patch and that he/she won't tolerate TRESPOOPERS!  Take it or leave it...I LOVE it!  


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Printable Sea Creature Wall or Card Art

One wall in my house is covered in framed pictures. It has a loose theme of whimsical representations of literary characters and macabre science, and science fiction inspired, imagery. I've been thinking of refreshing the wall with a few new pictures.

While on a completely unrelated mission to find out more information about the Portuguese man o'War, I found some amazing illustrations of siphonophoraeKunstformen der Natur, "Art Forms of Nature", was written by Ernst Haeckel and published in 1900. I can't read German, but I assume it was very informative. The illustrations in this text are so stunning they beg to be hung up on a wall, used as the front of a card, or incorporated into a scrapbook page.

This type of illustration is particularly suited to crafts for men and boys because of the intricate scientific detail and the lack of girly hearts and stars. Not that they wouldn't look good in a young girl's bedroom (they most certainly would!!), but finding starting images for crafts intended for men can be hard. You can get a quick look at the images via Google's image search, but downloading them from the main Kuntsformen der Natur site will yield better looking prints. I've included a few of the renderings I found particularly interesting below. This book is in the public domain, so have fun using the images for a variety of crafts and decorations. It isn't limited to sea creatures: there are many kinds of living organisms illustrated.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All Aboard This Free Printable Counting Train!


 As the my first real post back I wanted to add something that many people have asked for.  TRAINS!  There has been several searches done here for large printable trains.  I made one.  It is the "Counting Train".

The Counting Train starts off with the conductor in the "0" engine car, and then is followed up by passenger cars numbering 1-10.  There is also a numbers "blank" so that page of the download can be printed as many times as necessary (it's page 12, inside of your printing options you can opt to only print from page 12-12 which will print only that page) to add unlimited numbered cars to your fun.  Feel free to take page 12 to Paint, or any other similar program and adding the additional numbers there, or do it by hand.

Page 13 of this 13 page PDF offers 4 Counting Train tickets to be redeemed for a good time of "fun while learning" aboard the Counting Train! :)

After you download and print you could either leave them as-is as whole sheets and use them as a table top puzzle-type game, or carefully cut them out and use them as wall art/learning walls deco.

Have fun with it! :)

WARNING!  This is 13 pages in total and is not for the weak of heart, or the low of ink.  ;)


Posted by: Stephanie Corchado-C. of for Free Printable Fun

She (Big Blue Sissy Sue) Lives!

Hi!  Did you miss us (Sissy and me?)  We are back!  Sissy Sue has been cured of her woes and did not have to meet her maker (Not really HP, they made her but they didn't want her back, but the great "maker" that resides in Arizona...or where ever...) And she is as good as she ever was.  That's not really saying much, but I sure am glad to have her home! :)

Now, it is time to jump in and help Jamie Sue (the sister, not Sissy Sue the computer) get this place tidied up and going full force again!

Thanks to all of you who have stuck by us through this and kept coming back, and a HUGE thank you to Jimmy...You are awesome Jimmy!  Not only are you the sweetest, hunkiest computer knowledgeable guy I ever did are also very handy to have around.  (Hotness all the way!) :)  Seriously though, you have been great, I am so glad that you are hear with us on this!  Gracias!

Look for my newest post in about 2 hours..LOL..(It's has to do with trains...YAY!)


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Printable Adult ( Complex) Coloring Pages

For some reason, as we get older, we let go of the little pleasures in life. We take fewer walks in the rain, watch fewer sunsets, and smell fewer roses. We convince ourselves that we don't have the time, energy, or money to enjoy the things we once did. Worse, sometimes we even convince ourselves that we're too old to enjoy activities that we loved as children. Coloring is one of those activities that should carry well into adulthood. It's calming and therapeutic. It taps into the parts of the brain responsible for pattern recognition, improves coordination, and unlocks creativity. If you need more convincing read Jayme Kinsey's insightful little article on the subject. For those who don't feel comfortable with creating their own Zentangle designs or mandalas or who like more lively subject matter, coloring pages can provide a welcome retreat from the fast pace of modern life. Below are some coloring pages from Dover Publications. Dover produces wonderful complex coloring books and I encourage you to sign up for free samples via email so you can try out some of their wares.

Bonus! Now that you're an adult, you don't have to use the big crayons unless you want to. ;P

Rearranging the furniture.

While my sister is patiently waiting the return of "Big Blue Sissy Sue", I'm going to muck about in the Blogger templates to see if I can find something easier for my readers to navigate. This poor little site hasn't seen a new coat of paint in nearly six years. So I apologize if it feels like I pulled the chair out from under you. Don't worry, you're in the right place. :)

Jimmy helped me create better navigation tabs at the top. I can't believe I had forgotten how to make a sub menu. I use to know how to do stuff. I'm not sure why I don't anymore. I guess it's a sign of my age. The top navigation isn't complete. But, it will be soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RIP Big Blue Sissy Sue (My Lap Top)

(image snagged from

Well, my "Big Blue Sissy Sue" (my HP 2000 lap top) has gone to live in the great big crazy place where cheaply made, badly put together electronics go to live when they die.  (I think it's Arizona...not sure though...)

Sissy Sue was manufactured horribly and was stuffed with Windows 8; but she was not to blame for these things.  She tried to be a good computer, and she will be missed.

There will be no services held for her, but a box from UPS is on the way to collect her to make sure that she makes it back to the warranty place safely...or Arizona...or where ever the big brown truck takes her for her finally resting.  Good bye my fair weather friend! Via con Dios,  so long, farewell, alvederzane, goodbye.

So, long story short; I will not be posting until my computer is either miraculously fixed or (more than likely) replaced.  Jamie may be popping in to post, but I don't know how much time she is going to be having for this right now.  So, I am sorry for the inconvenience and please watch for us to be back up and posting anew real soon!

**The site will remain up and running, I just won't be able to add new posts. :(**

Stephanie Corchado-C.