Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free Printable Kakuro Puzzels

Kakuro, or Cross Sums, are logic puzzles. A Kakuro puzzle is completed in almost the same manner as a crossword puzzle, but with numbers instead of letters. Using the numbers 1-9 with no repeats the puzzle is solved. For those new to Kakuro puzzles a detailed description of how to play and a tool for forming number combinations can be found at:

Printable Kakuro puzzles are available online from a variety of sites. Krazy Dad provides a huge selection of free printable Kauro puzzles to download. These puzzles are offered in two formats, the common format which separates “down” and “across” columns with a diagonal line and KrazyDad format, which separates the columns in the same way a traditional cross word puzzle does. The KrazyDad format is great for those just beginning Kauro puzzles because it makes the puzzle easier to read.

KrazyDad printable Kakuro puzzles:

If you need a little more color in your Kakuro Aus-Sudoku offers printable Kakuro puzzles with colorful blocks. The printable image files are grouped together according difficulty level. If you don’t mind burning up the color ink on your printer, these make an interesting addition to your Kakuro puzzle collection. They also have a collection of black and white Kakuro puzzles as well. The nice thing about these Kakuro puzzles is that they can be resized and printed out individually in the manner that best suits your needs. offers a small selection of printable Kakuro puzzles. These printable puzzles come with Kakuro tips and tricks, which is a nice benefit. But, they also come with advertisements that can not be separated from the puzzles. Personally, I don’t link to waste computer ink printing out adverts, but if you don’t mind they are a nice site to visit. printable Kakuro puzzles:

For printable Kakuro puzzles with solutions visit KnobelFieber. Their collection of printable Kakuro puzzles is small, but they offer excellent puzzles that are visually pleasing and come with solutions. The puzzles are present in PDF format with the solution on the same page as the puzzle. The only downside to their collection is that by putting the solution on the same page as the puzzle it makes it hard not to cheat.

Printable Kakuro puzzles with solutions:

If you enjoy Kakuro puzzles then you should also check out Crypto Kakuro puzzles, which combine Kakuro with Cryptograms, or Sudoku puzzles which are another type of addictive logic puzzles. Happy solving!

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