Saturday, August 11, 2007

Printable Train Activities for Kindergartners

Cars, trains, boats, and planes are always amongst the top favorite toys of small children. With their beautiful colors and moving parts its no wonder that children of both genders enjoy playing with them. Children’s television programs like Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine help to reinforce children’s affinity for vehicles. Trains in particular capture the imaginations of young children. The best way to promote learning is to engage a child’s interest. There are many free printable train activities for Kindergartners available online that can be used to accelerate learning and make it fun and rewarding for children.

Coloring is a staple activity for small children. Free Coloring Pages has a wide selection of free printable train coloring pages and other transportation themed coloring pages. Their images are wonderful for preschool and kindergarten children as they have big bold lines and easily identified shapes with little extraneous shading.
Free Printable Train Activities for Kindergarten Level Coloring:

First School offers a wonderful collection of printable activities for small children. They even have a few printable train activities. Printable math exercises are available here: . Printable writing exercises are available here: . There are other transportation themed pintables on their site as well.

Kindergarten students will also enjoy creating a special Father’s day card for the daddies in their lives. Mom’s Break offers an excellent download that can easily be printed, cut out with safety scissors, and glued onto card stock. If color ink costs are prohibitive the image can be printed in black and white and copied at 50% light to create a picture that children can color themselves.
Free Printable Train Father’s Day Card for Kindergartens:

Another great free printable train craft is located at DLTK. This printable train is wonderful and comes in both color and black and white. The printable is a fun activity as it stands, but for slightly older children the same printable train parts can be used to embellish any square container, such as an empty milk carton, by readjusting the size of the image to coincide with the size of the container. Children feel a sense of involvement and responsibility by collecting rectangular and square containers from home. Free Printable Train Activities For Kindergarten Crafts:

Printable train activities aren’t just for classrooms. These activities can be used by after school programs, childcare professionals, and parents. They make the perfect rainy day activity to keep little minds and little fingers entertained.

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