Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from El Salvador

I was in El Salvador last week to get some dental work done. I work for a company that sends people to foreign countries for affordable medical care and part of the perk is getting free plane tickets when I need cheap dental. I'll post a picture of the dental clinic later because it was kinda cool.

So I apologize for not posting this week. I've not come back empty handed, however. It's nearly impossible to find free printables relating to El Salvador, but I did find one on Crayola's website. They have HUGE series of coloring pages for different countries. They would be great for a classroom or homeschool.

printable el salvadorUpdate: Here's the photo I promised. Turns out I didn't take any pictures of the actual dental clinic. I must have imagined I did. So here's the court yard at the hotel. :) I'm glad I didn't take many pictures because I would have had to photoshop out a lot of dates and times (new camera, didn't realize that was turned on by default.)

While I'm here, discussing my recent dental work, let's talk about the importance of good dental hygeine. It's really hard to get kids into the mood to brush thier teeth (and it's just as hard to get grownups into the habit of flossing.) So here are some printables to help.

Dental Images offers a printable activity and coloring book about teeth. This would be good for children third grade and up.

Preschool Printables (some great free content, but most requires payment) has a cute little tooth brushing chart to ensure teeth are brushed morning and night. Orajel has a Thomas the Train tooth brushing chart that is also cute.

If your child has recently lost a tooth they can recieve this certificate from the Tooth Fairy curtosey of

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