Sunday, June 8, 2008

Free Printable Book Labels

Thanks again Google for letting me know what people are looking for. Quite a few searches have landed on my page while looking for free printable book labels. There are some pretty nice free printable book labels online already. I’ll let you know about my free favorites:

If you are a teacher and you need book labels for an entire classroom or multiple book labels for one student this Sen Teacher has the perfect tool for you. They also have clip art suitable for other classroom labels like labeling a student’s art box. The clip art is pretty generic, but the ability to type in the names you want and have them appear directly on the label is a plus.

I’m not a huge fan of country kitsch but Original Country ClipArt by Lisa always displays a certain charm. This site has a nice selection of country kitsch style free printable book labels in soothing colors with cute illustrations. The book labels can be saved to your desktop and printed from your home computer.

HP’s website is always a wealth of free printables. Book labels are no different. There are three styles to choose from already formatted for printing onto your label paper. The designs are designed for kids but they are fresh and would be suitable for pre-teens.

free printable book labelI didn’t find any free printable book labels designed for book swaps. I know that some people like to swap books via online forums and trading groups and when doing so it’s important that all relevant contact information be displayed on the book label so that the book can be returned. So I made some. You can download these book labels or right click to save the images to your desktop.

free printable book labelsEdited to add: Check out these awesome little bookplates via About Orange.

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