Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free Printable Recipe Cards

This is just a quick shout out to Alenka's Recipe Card Maker for the easy and cute recipe cards I just made. :)

And a tip: For recipes you use frequently but can never remember... Print out pretty recipe cards on post-it paper (yup, there is such a thing) or on regular paper and stick them to your cabinet or inside the cabinet door. My mom use to keep all of her "secret family recipes" written on the inside of her spice cabinet so they could never get lost or damaged while cooking. I like sticking them on the outside better because I can coordinate with the kitchen decor (well, I could if my kitchen had any decor!) and they give the cabinets a little homey flavor. Plus since it's just paper (and I have copies saved on my computer) I can rotate out the recipes to reflect the season or holiday.
------- Edited to add ----------

Check these beauties out! I *heart* Craft Magazine for bringing me the best of the crafting interwebs every day. :) Follow the link and email the blog owner for your own copy.

OH! LOOK! MORE! See Jane Scrapbook has beautiful recipe cards in sprint and fall colors. Visit her site to download them.

Oh! My oh My! Even MORE!!!

These beautiful recipe/note cards from Creature Comforts are just the right combination of charming fall color and sophisticated design.


Cute Recipe Cards said...

Cute cards, All are colourful. Looking so sweet and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Recipe cards said...

The design of the cards are really excellent. Anyone can send those cards to his clients for customer retention.