Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Merry Meatmass

Every holiday season I like to put up a wacky tree decorated with off the wall combination of objects. Last year it was a pink tree decorated with 1950's pin up girls (which I kept calling vintage porn) and rubber chickens. This year a friend and I were discussing the possibilities (oh yes, we start planning the tree EARLY in the year...colored trees get really expensive during the holiday season) and after much very serious debate (during which we ruled out cheese, 1980's cartoon characters, spoons, plastic fruit, and jelly fish) we decided that the best combination would be meat and shuttlecocks. Birdies come a dozen for around ten dollars and pictures of meat can be had online for free.

We were debating tree toppers (should the rubber chicken make one last debut being the bridge between both meat and plastic birdie?) when we decided that Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force would be the ultimate meat and shuttle cock tree accessory. Unfortunately, Meatwad action figures (the lump of plastic that they are) are nearly $35 (OUCH!) and the annual wacky holiday tree budget will not allow for such extravagance.

OH! But LOOK! A Printable to the Rescue!!! Printable Meatwad Papercraft.

High Five Internet! You have delighted me with your strangeness again.

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