Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nobody's Perfect...

Work has been kicking my butt lately so any free time I've had has been devoted to getting ready for my son's birthday party. It's not until August, but since we're doing things on the cheap that means a lot of hand made items and those take time. A friend gave me a bunch of left over beach party type decorations so I'm half way there as it is. I wanted to make these awesome Hawaiian Shirt cards but had a hard time finding a printable paper that was suitable (I have so much craft STUFF that I can't justify a trip to the store for special paper). I found plenty of references to papers that use to exist but aren't available anymore, but couldn't find a Hawaiian shirt pattern anywhere - free or otherwise. So, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make one. And it wasn't, really... except for I kept getting distracted by the television and made a major goof in the pattern. Of course, it's just getting cut up anyways so I'll let it slide. If anyone wants a copy have at it. :) It's not perfect but it will do. Click the picture to enlarge then right click to save. Have fun!

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