Sunday, August 31, 2008

IT'S BACK!!! Free Printable What Questions for Children with Autism

"What Monkey?" Download
Download in PDF format.

In this free printable book Monkey explores the question "What?" and learns his prepositions. Prepositions can be really hard for children with Autism.

This is an interactive book. On the last two pages are images for you to cut out. You are to have the child apply the appropriate image to the story as you read it. I recommend laminating the story pages and cut outs and using velcro dots to attach the pieces to the story.

Hmmm... looks like my record is stuck in the groove. I keep repeating myself. The next two books I need to do are for Who? and When? but they probably won't come out very soon. Who will involve me having to DRAW stuff, which I'm not all that great at and When will involve me wrapping my head around the concept of time which I worry will never happen. Acutally, if anyone has any great suggestions for "when" sentences I could use the input. Enjoy these and look forward to more in the upcomming months.


Catherine Fortin said...

Great site! So useful for so many people

theraconcepts said...

Love this one! Thank you! :-)

Karen said...

Since you mentioned you'd like suggestions for a "when" book (if you don't already have this one done), I thought I could help.

When does monkey eat breakfast?
suggestions in ( )

When does monkey eat lunch?

When does monkey eat dinner?

When does monkey take a bath?
(before bed)

When does monkey brush his teeth?
(after eating)

When does monkey go to school?

When does monkey go to school?
(everyday) (Monday, Tues, etc... Friday)

When does monkey do his homework?
(after school)

When does monkey clean his room?
(every day) (when it's messy)

When does monkey play with (favorite toy)?
(when he asks politely)

Hope these give you a jump start!!

Lindsie M. said...

I was printing some of these yesterday, and today they are not working. Can I get a PDF or do you know if they will be fixed? I Love these books!!

Lindsie M. said...

I was printing these yesterday, and today they are not letting me download saying they are deleted. Is there a way I can get the PDF or will they be back on the website soon? They are awesome books!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to use this with my autistic patients. Is it deleted or is there somewhere else I can get it?

Jamie Austin said...

Someone found it funny to hack the our site some time back, and destroy, delete, or other bad things many of the files I had. The Monkey Books seem to be the most severely missed. Funny enough, I can't even find them on my own computer. I have been able (through awesome people who had downloaded them before the "event") to get reliable downloadable PDF files for two of them. What Monkey was not one of them sadly. The search will however continue and I will (with any luck) one day have them all back up and running! :)

"Why Monkey, Why?" and "Where is Monkey?" are available through email, simply email me(Stephanie, Jamie's temp admin and full time sister) at with your requests. Thank you again for your patience.