Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Printable Tarot Decks

free printable tarot deckHere’s a short link list of websites that have printable tarot cards. Some of these are set up to print on one page and some of these will have to be saved as individual images, re-sized, and printed.

I’d like to start with this copy of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck from The Tarot Deck.Rider-Waite is often considered the perfect beginners deck because many other decks use the same symbolism as the Rider-Waite deck. This is an excellent printable. The images are clean and sharp. The same deck can be found as a color-it-yourself from Tarot Institute.

Little Dead Girl designed these ATC style tarot cards that you can print and cut out. The resolution is a little low so I personally would advise using these more as inspiration in creating your own deck.

Hollywood Tarot has a printable tarot card deck using the likeness of famous Hollywood actors.

If you want to color your own deck Nightmare Factory has a printable version of the Vancchetta deck.

AthenaLuna offers an online application for designing and printing your own tarot. Again, the resolution is low so it’s better for inspiration than for creating a functional deck.

WarmChampagne has a Buffy the Vampire Tarot Deck. Odd, but different.

One of my favorite printable tarot decks online is this Barbie Tarot Deck from LittleReview. The images are so crisp and clear and the various Barbies are well chosen representations of various cards. I have to give compliments to the designer. I’m not a Barbie lover by any means, but this is a professional looking printable deck.

The Uncarrot Tarot is whimsical hand drawn tarot deck that you can print. The images aren’t terribly high resolution but they are clean enough to make this deck useful.

Morgan’s Tarot from Sleepbot isn’t exactly a tarot deck (they are more like oracle cards in my opinion) and they aren’t exactly printable (but I suppose you could if you had the patience) but they are very, very interesting.

The most interesting deck I’ve found online is Boris Kobe's Tarot Card Game from Allach Concentration Camp (probably 1945). These cards aren’t designed to be read but are more of a visually representation of life in concentration camps during The Holocaust. They are stunning illustrations that allow a unique and sobering view into the past.

If you are interested in creating your own deck but need some help has a printable tarot deck template that can help you establish card borders.

If you find any more let me know. I’d like to have a more comprehensive list.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

VERY cool.

*lynne* said...

I am reminded that I have a few different decks languishing away in storage somewhere... I should get a hold of them again... although I bought/got them for the novelty in college, didn't actually use them much!

Bonnie said...

Congrats! You won the First Runner-Up Prize of 1,500 Entrecard credits on the Thrifty Momma Ramblings drawing! Please come to the blog to let me know which blog you want me to send them. Thanks again for playing and enjoy the credits.

Daily Blissings said...

I have been having HOURS of fun with this. It's an awesome list of resources, thank you!!!


Daily Blissings said...

In addition to the hours of fun your list provided me, there is a similar concept at where you can cast a wish by making a vision card online... thought I'd share

Chris Miller said...

I had an odd experience with tarot cards that I would like to share with you, I went to A local bookstore and purchased a tarot deck and book combo on my way home I opened it and realized both the deck and the book were completely blank (I guess they were a demo or something) but I was almost home so I waited until the next day to bring them back when I did I told the person behind the counter that I would go back find the same set and trade the two out. There were no more on the shelves so I went back to the front desk and asked if I could trade for a set of equal value but the deck and book were gone I asked what happened and they did not even remember our conversation apparently they were not paying attention. The clerk suggested that maybe since they were in a bag the last customer might have taken them on accident so i ran out to the parking lot and caught the customer they did not have the book and cards so I gave up and have refused to buy any since then I took it as a sign that I should leave them alone. Crazy right?

Anonymous said...

I found a printable deck of the Marseilles tarot cards here:

Generally speaking, I think it's easier to find printable copies of the Marseilles cards online than some of the others.

Katrina Tassin said...

I printed out the Raider wait deck they printed very fast very bright and colorful.Thank you so much for the link.I will enjoy these cards for as long as they can last me.I might just check out your other links and print those decks as well.Again I thank you for sharing these wonderful cards with the public free of charge.Katrina

Anonymous said...

I found an easily printable tarot deck here Happy printing!