Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Printable Train Activities

train activity lacing card
So I’ve decided that we need to have a Train Day at our house. Since I’m looking for things for my son and me to do together I might as well share what I find with you. You can consider this a supplement to my post on Printable Train Activities for Kindergartners.

We might color this cute train coloring page from My Activity Maker. Or we might talk about the letter T and practice our handwriting with this printable from also has adorable train stationery, train vocabulary building worksheets, train puzzle and more. We will write a letter to the grandparents about trains today using the stationery! We might do this printable alphabet train from FirstSchool.

Family Fun has a great paper craft train that we can cut out and build. It is complete with engine, passenger, and freight cars. There are even little road and traffic signs! Or for a vintage feel I could make this French paper craft train that I found on Flickr. That might be a fun toy for me to make for my collection. If you download a copy make sure to thank the person who took the time to scan and post the images. They are wonderfully whimsical!

Here is a nice page with links to train facts and lore. There are some great sites listed here that have lots of interesting train information. MeddyBemps also has some fun learning activities and games involving trains. Not many are printable, but there’s a lot of good stuff for mouse practice.

I’m thinking about making some train cut outs or something similar later down the road. I'll keep you posted.

*Edited to add* Click the picture above to enlarge it. Laminate (clear contact paper is cheap and works well if you print on card stock) and punch holes around the edge. Use a shoe lace or piece of yarn with tape around one end to practice lacing.


Maddy said...

Trains and mouse practice! What a perfect combination. Well done you.

Tahirih said...

I love these trains because so many of my young friends love trains.