Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Printable Furious White Boy Note Card

Here I am... violating international copy write laws again.... I can't help myself. You see... I had this dream. I was running through a field and I was being chased by an angry anglo male. He was screaming and shaking his fist in rage. Where had I seen that fist before? Who was this furious white boy? Why was he so ANGRY? Then I remembered... it was Aaron Humphrey! He was unleashing the force of his unbridled wrath upon the world! I huddled in fear of his furor. Then I awoke...

I had a vision. The anger of Aaron Humphrey could be controlled. Like a laser beam it could be focused and condensed. It could be used for good. I could harness his tremendous ire to do the bidding of the people. I could create Furious White Boy Notecards. Just think of it... how powerful would a letter be if it was written on the back of a Furious White Boy's face? You could lobby congress for national health care, demand equal pay for equal work, force social change upon the country. You could tell people where to get off at and mean it! It would be glorious!!!

So I give to you... the ultimate in letter writing power. Use it sparingly. Use it wisely.

(My printer still isn't up so I haven't gotten to test these. Let me know if there are issues. I'm not responsible for printer explosions caused by unleashing the fury. Right click and save the choler that is Aaron Humphrey. If you are Aaron Humphrey and you are furious about this post, let me know. I would rather take it down than incur your almighty wrath. )

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Erin Tales said...

Just letting you know - you've been buzzed at Ohana Mama!