Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free Printable Halloween Decorations

With Halloween rapidly approaching there are still a few of us (*cough* a-hem *me*) who haven't decorated. In my defense, I am moving in a week. I still might put together a few things after the move. There are some particularly impressive free printable Halloween decorations out there. Most of them are paper craft printables that require a little labor to put together, but they are all very unique. As always, I'm going to bring you a list of the best.

Lexmark Japan has a printable witchy bears with pumpkin set.

free printable halloween decorationsCannon has a nice collection of printable Halloween decorations.
I especiallyy like the Halloween Tree and the Pumpkin House. I'm not sure how difficult the assembly on these things would be, but if nothing else you should snag a simple banner. They also have some really nice printable Halloween cards. The illustrations off these cards are great. If you have a good graphics program and are a bit pdf savvy you should be able to work out a way to use them for more than just cards.... maybe cut-outs or as t-shirt or tote bag decorations.

printable halloween decorations
If you haven't already visited RavensBlight then you have missed out on some of the best Halloween decorations on the web. And not just decorations! Games, masks, and toys too.

print halloween decorations
free halloween decorations

FamilyFun has cute family oriented (not spooky) printable Halloween decorations. Various window decals, stickers, garlands and of course other printables like coloring sheets, puzzles, and games. I especially like this witch and this skeleton.

Goobetsa made some cutey cute little paper spooks that you can put in random places throughout your home.

printable halloween decoration

I contemplated giving links to all the great Halloween posts, but decided to give you one link and rely on your great investigative skills to find the rest. The custom search on this website works pretty good so you'll be able to find all sorts of printable halloween goodies.

free printable halloween decorations

Printable Freddie and Jason plus other creepy creations await you at Horrorwood.

printable halloween decorations

Paperbox World, home of all things papery, boxy, and adorable has some halloween papertoys for you to print and assemble. These are super easy to put together and would look in groups sitting on a mantle or strung up like a garland. I really dig Paperbox World because the designs are simplistic and pretty, they offer a wide variety of papertoys (you HAVE to look at their little cars and trucks!!!) and all the printables are quick to download and easy to assemble.

Other ideas for printable Halloween decorations:

1. Search for Halloween coloring pages (there are lots!), print off a few, and have everyone in the family color them. Put them on the cabinet doors or string them together as a banner.
2. Search for pictures of your favorite creepy animals (spiders, snakes, bats), print them out, and stick them on mirrors, drawer pulls, light switches, and other unexpected places.
3. Use pictures of creepy things to create a mobile or spooky chandelier.
4. Visit medical information sites, print out pictures of bones, organs, etc and create a large Frankenstein style monsters for your wall.
5. Use printable Halloween masks as decorations or printable Halloween treat bags as lumineries or printable potion labels to re-label the kitchen spices.



Anonymous said...

these are all great links! My daughter and I (ally age 7) are going to try some of them! Thanks for the links!

TiLT said...

What great finds for Halloween. Excuse me while I run off to check them out...

Free Music said...

I love halloween

Erin Tales said...

these halloween printables rock!

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I love the halloween box!

Erin Tales said...

You got another award from me at!

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Woohoo!! I know what I will be doing tomorrow--what a fantastic list of Halloween resources! Thanks so much for posting all these == Happy Halloween!

Eryn said...

Oh! We'll be making those bears from Lexmark Japan tomorrow! Thanks for pointing those out!

simplyjacy said...

i just got my first pumpkin carving kit. these printables you posted will be useful. the patterns that came with the kit doesn't look too appealing to me.


Taniya said...

Great finds for Halloween. Love the Halloweenn printable.

the green ninja said...

Those are awesome! I love papercraft!

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aww man I missed this! These are great!

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Nice Post. I likes the halloween box!

maria said...

have searched for a decent banner thanks to this site i found not a decent one but an excellant one thankyou

George Davis said...

It's really hard to find activities that include autistic children. My seven year old son is low functional, and I have a hard time finding family activities he can enjoy participating in. Just wanted to say thanks and have a great holiday!

George Davis said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the links to the special needs activities. My 7 year old son is low functional autistic and it's not easy to find activities that we can all enjoy as a family. Happy holidays!