Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

I actually wasn't planning on doing a Christmas gift tag post. Mostly because there are so many websites out there that have free printable gift tags, and partly because my site is more about providing a direct link to hard to find resources and printable gift tags are not hard to find. But, in looking for tags for my own personal gifts I ended up with a collection of great links. And what are links for if not for sharing?

All these websites have one thing in common. They all have gift tags with wonderful, charming, and unique illustrations. Usually I post pictures of the printables themselves, but I think since most of these are PDF's that a screen capture would be most appropriate.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags iDiY has compiled a great selection of printable labels from such awesome sites as Martha Stewart, Sew Mama Sew, and PaperCrave.

goody gift tags EveryLittleThing has given the gift of goody gift tags this holiday season. These are perfect for your homemade delights.

cute printable gift tag I don't know what a Mochimochi Elf is, but I do know that it makes a darn cute printable gift tag. They also sell knitting patterns for weird, but cute, little knitted plushies.

song bird gift tag LollyChops says "I love you" with these adorable chirpy song bird gift tags.

Elf gift tag These printable elf gift tags from Liquid Paper remind me of the Elf Yourself flash from Office Max. I really love that thing...

hand illustrated gift tags Illustrator Camilla Engman delights young and old with these whimsical, wonderful, fantastical hand illustrated gift tags. Her illustrations have such a delicate sweetness to them. Read the post carefully, there's a link to tags from previous years as well.

printable art tag Kitty Genius, your name says it all. These printable art tags are purely enlightened design. Absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

printable holiday tags No one does Whimsy like the Small Object. For printable gift tags that are as good for the holidays as they are for the rest of the year check them out.

unique printable gift tags A Fanciful Twist is exactly what these gift tags are. I love the bold colors and thing squiggly lines but the hand written text is what really sets them apart.

Dr. Suess Gift Tags Dr. Suess Gift Tags rock my socks. Enough said.

snowman printable gift tags Mushy has some nice little printable gift tags with a contemporary traditional feel. I love how all our favorite Christmas characters are peeking over the edge of the tag.

printable vintage gift tags These printable vintage gift tags from Doe-C-Doe aren't really "Christmas" gift tags, but they would be suitable for a Christmas gift or all year round. The illustrations are precious and definitely worth bookmaking.

mushroom gift tag Print A Day is an awesome resource for amazing graphic design prints. Many of the great prints on this site would be great printable wrapping paper. You should really take the time to scroll through her downloads and investigate all the wonderful prints, tags, to do lists, and other downloadable goodies on her site. Three or four pages back things start to get really interesting. I especially love these Matrioska doll and Kokeshi stationery, tags, and labels.

gift card holder template One last idea for the day: Use this printable gift card holder template to create a gift card envelope. Use the excellent prints from Print A Day as the base paper or enlarge one of the above gift tags to fit the front of the envelope.


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