Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Printable Rulers, Conversion Charts, and Reference Guides

free printable ruler This is one of those posts that kind of got away from me.  I started out looking for a printable ruler, which was easy enough to find.  I use this particular printable measuring ruler quite a bit since I can NEVER locate any one of the five various rulers in my house on any given point in time. You'd think I'd have it book marked by now, but I'm notoriously bad for that. 

Of course, that got me thinking about other types of printable rulers I've used.  This ring size ruler has come in handy more than once (that pun was wholly unintentional) and these printable shoe size rulers are great, especially for keeping track of my son's ever changing shoe size.

Shoe size rulers made me think of a hat size ruler and printable measuring tape.

So far so good.  All of these things kind of go together.  But for some reason measuring tape made me think of slide rules.  I went looking everywhere online for a printable slide rule and all I could come up with was this circular slide rule.  That's fine I suppose, since I don't foresee the need for a slide rule any time soon, but the circular slide rule reminded me of a color wheel so I went off to look for one of those.

free Printable color wheelI love color guides.  Aside from their obvious use in selecting color palettes they are actually quite beautiful by themselves.  I found a couple of great resources for learning about color theory.  I like this printable color guide as a quick reference for the various color schemes and this handout is a good beginners lesson on color theory. As far as functional color wheels that you can print, that's a bit trickier.  Out of all the color guides I came across I believe that the Real Color Wheel by Donald Jusko is the most accurate in terms of colors that can be achieved when mixing paints.  His website is an AWESOME resource for learning everything you could ever want to know about color.  If I had any complaints they would be a) the website has so much information that it is at times overwhelming b) that the end user has to convert the real color wheel into a usable .tiff format before printing or that you email to obtain a copy of it pre converted.  I went ahead and converted the color wheel, you can download it here.  I included a slotted cover for it if you need one (I did because the range of colors is so great I got distracted.)  Even if you download a converted copy from FreePrintableFun to save time, PLEASE visit Real Color Wheel online to learn more about the dynamics of color and what the Real Color Wheel offers over other color wheels out there.

Color wheels made me think of compasses because more often or not, when I've seen a solar compass it was pretty and colorful and round like a color wheel.  Of course, this printable solar compass isn't round, but it is colorful and that works for me. 

printable protractor Compasses made me think of protractors.  Mostly because early in my high school years I kept confusing the word compass with the word protractor.  Not that I confused the tools themselves, just the words.  Any how... here's a printable protractor for you.


So protractors sent me off on another tangent -- conversions.  I love conversion cheat sheets because I'm terrible at math and even worse at remembering how to convert basic measurements.  One big problem I had when I went to Thailand was figuring out how to convert currency.  It seems so small but I could have really used a printable currency conversion cheat sheet then.  And though I doubt I'll ever use them I'm happy I found a site with a comprehensive list of conversions used in building, like roof size versus number of shingles and how to estimate the number the amount of materials needed to drywall a wall.

printable conversion sheet I created a little pocket conversion cheat sheet for basic facts.  How much to tip, US versus European clothing and shoe sizes, time zones, cooking measurements, temperature... you know the kind of stuff that could trip you up while you were out and about shopping or if you were ambushed by Cash Cab.   Feel free to download it.  It's a .pdf.  If you want it in .doc just email me.  :)


kreations said...

Wouldn't it be great to be ambushed by Cash Cab (and to win).
This is great I am bookmarking this site. The last time I printed off a ruler it was off by about three inches. Not exactly helpful!

Anonymous said...

You might also want to look at - their printable rulers can also be folded so you can really draw with them. Really useful. :)