Monday, December 15, 2008

Illustrator: Tricia Rennea

I stumbled upon illustrator Tricia Rennea some time last week and was overwhelmed by both her charming illustrations and her amazing printable altruism. Her website is a collection of stunning FREE printables ranging from games and paper dolls to gift tags and recipe cards -- all bearing her signature style. Right away I knew she had to be the first illustrator to be interviewed on my website. Lucky for us Tricia was willing to participate... and she did so in varying shades of blue. How cool is that?

Without further delay...

tricia rennea

Tricia, you are a wonderful illustrator. Where did you learn those mad skillz -- or are you just naturally gifted?
Well, it is all natural, of course...hee hee hee. I have always loved to draw, bringing the world inside my mind on to paper so I could stare at it is one of the greatest joys in my life.

What's your process like?
Actually, it is always going on in my mind, everything you see in my illustrations. It lives there, and every free moment I have I like to create it. I also like to help others take the images in their mind and see them visually. Nothing makes me happier than getting a note form someone letting me know that some of my work fits perfectly into a story in their life.

Where do you get your inspiration and how to you transform that inspiration into a gorgeous graphic?
Everything, everywhere. It is all interwoven, the world around us and the world(s) I illustrate.

I'm seeing a recurring bird theme in some of your illustrations. Does Flutter Bird have a back story we should know about?
Well, I go off on tangents, the tangent right now is birds, next week or month it may be carousels or kitchen gadgets, or horses....yes horses. Oh and I did have a pet white goose as a child, her name was Sammy, and you will be seeing drawings of her soon.

Paper dolls? Embroidery patters, stationery, games, paper toys? Anything you can't do? Which project was your favorite creation and why?
I think we are all (every one of us)capable of doing whatever we want...some things are easy, some take more work, some we try and find out we don't like that much. This is true for everything, not just illustrations. Right now I enjoy making anything that you can cut out and make 3-D...houses, toys, boxes, games. Next week I will have a different passion...perhaps mobiles.

And for the arbitrary nonsensical question of the day... If the total experiences of your life could be summed up in a cupcake what flavor would it be?
Pineapple with white coconut icing and a little sugar mouse on top, with a bight yellow bow turned around it....oh mice! I think I may go off on that tangent next.

Jamie Sue, I want to thank you for inviting me to interview with you. This is the first interview I have ever had, and it was a lot of fun.

No, Thank YOU Tricia!! Keep bringing us those wonderful printables!

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tricia-rennea said...

Oh wow, thank you. I wish I would have been more articulate and whimsical :)