Saturday, December 13, 2008

Printable Gift Ideas

Lets talk about how to incorporate printables into your holiday gift giving this year.
There are the obvious printable gift tags, printable wrapping paper, and printable ornaments as well as printable stationery, note cards, to do lists, and printable books. But, there are many more ideas out there.
100_3810So far I have made Krispy Treats, Hot Cocoa, and these sour creme containers (which I filled with chocolate kisses).
The picture doesn't show the sour creme containers I made with printed papers, but the process is the same as would be with fancy scrapbook paper.
I'm in the process of making a t-shirt with a freezer paper stencil I created. If you like it you can grab the stencil at the end of this post. Just right click and save. I still have to do some creative stitching over the design to give it a more three dimensional look.
For my son's speech therapist I put together a nice copy of Why, Monkey, Why? with all the pages protected and Velcro dots in all the appropriate areas. By the way, I've fixed a lot of the less than stellar images in that book, so if you need an updated copy (more suitable for gift giving) before I change the link, please let me know. It would make a good teacher gift, especially for a special education or preschool teacher.
I always send my grandmother some stationery since she's one of the lonely few who write real paper letters to human beings so I'll be on the hunt for interesting designs later tonight. Aside from stationery there are planner pages and refills, cards, scrapbooks, paper toys, puzzles, and many other great printables out there.
One Pretty Thing has a lot of great crafts, tutorials, and gift ideas that can utilize that home printer mixed in with the other awesome craft ideas. I strongly encourage you to go there for some good inspiration.
In the mean time, expect a little lax posting from me because I'm busy crafting. But, I'm hoping to add some more flavor to this site by getting a more colorful design and interviewing some of my favorite illustrators. Make sure you subscribe or follow this blog so that you don't miss anything!
Edited to Add: Oooops! Looks like I didn't put the stencil up and now I can't find it. If you are desperate for it contact me and I'll go an a proper hunt for it.

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