Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Printable for teaching Adjectives

printable adjectives for teaching As promised earlier in the week here is a copy of the printable I created to teach adjectives to my son.  This isn't a grammar lesson.  The purpose of this printable is to:
1. Expose the child to a variety of adjectives.
2. Categorize objects by adjective.
3. Establish that objects can have more than one adjective to describe them.
Ways to use this adjectives printable:
Print the entire file.  Fold all the pages in half and staple them together to create a book.  Read the book with the child saving the review section for last.
Print the pages and cut apart the adjectives.  Expose the child to a new adjective each day.  Discuss the adjectives and look for things that can be described by that adjective.  Hang the adjective pages up or add them to a folder for review.
Download this printable adjectives PDF.
or you can contact me to request the PDF in other formats (I have it in Power Point and Publisher and with all the images right side up.)  The pictures are better in other formats, of course.


Lisa said...

Hi Jamie, Love this blog : ) Thanks for the comment you left on mine : ) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

A Very good project for any young person. Finding ways to use the new adjective every day helps kids familarize themselves with the words. Great job Jamie

Imogene said...

I love the adjectives book. Beautiful pictures and lots of adjectives covered. I did see one error I thought you might want to know about. On the "fast" page it should say, "the girl is fast" instead of "the girls is fast".
Thanks for all of the resources.

Kristen said...

I think this adjectives book is a great idea, especially for children with special needs. I love it because it combines different objects, but relates them all through their common characteristic- a task that most of my special needs students have trouble with. Thank you for the post!