Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have an Un-Happy Valentine's Day

valentine stationery Valentine's Day carries with it a lot of unhealthy expectations.
First of which is that on that one day a year you should be terribly, fiercely, deeply, in love with somebody. 
Second, that you express your all encompassing love for your selected other in the form of gifts, candy, and poetry.
Let's be straight about it.  Most Valentine's Day celebrations in a swirl of disappointment, bitterness, and shame.  So why not be up front about the impending doom that is Hallmark's most sacred holiday?
Meet Jilted and Scorned from the Sullen Collection.  These two are unlucky in love and are here to share their stories of failed relationships with any who will listen.
This stationery set includes:
4 Stationery Papers
4 Note Cards
3 To Do Lists
9 Gift Tags
2 Envelopes
2 Envelope Liners
4 Wrappers
and is available for free download for the next two weeks.  After which I will transfer it to my new Etsy store for purchase.


shancmc said...

Your printables are great!! Thanks fro sharing. I'm passing on an award to you. Come and get it on my blog.

Thanks :-)

Kirby3131 said...

Well this is hysterical! I love it. I have been trying to find some vintage valentines to send to some friends of mine, because afterall, I'm not totally in love with my best friends daughter, I just want to send her a card.

However, these are so much fun - I will have to print a copy. Thanks so much.

I came over here by way of Tip Junkie, btw.