Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Printable Seed Packets

My dad always said that I grew great winter gardens.  “Winter gardens” of course, being ideas that are wonderfully conceived but are not, or can not be, acted upon. He was right of course-- I spend an inordinately large amount of my time dreaming and planning but quickly loose interest once its time to actually get the project under way.
I was *thinking* of growing a garden this year.  I’ve been *thinking* about doing it all winter long.  Of course, just as the weather starts to turn hospitable, I’ve lost all interest. 
That’s ok, though.
There are lots of seed packet printables online.   A person could spend all day clicking through pages.  So, here’s my round up of the ones I liked best. 
I’m going to start with this blank template for creating your own seed packets.  If you have a closet full of scrapbooking supplies (like me) this is a good template for putting those papers to task.
print seed packetsThese photo seed packets from Kodak would make a great wedding or baby shower favor. They have a template for mother’s day too, which is coming up soon from what I hear.

download printable seed packetsNow, I want you to visit two links that may or may not be active at the time of your visit.  I know, everyone hates dead links, but if the links are active they are well worth the visit.  The printable seed packets from Siggy Rose and D Dusterr are very nice and worth a look, but their websites seem in a state of flux, so there’s no guarantee.

printable seed packetsOver at Dave’s Garden there’s a strange mix of user submitted seed packets that is worth poking through.  Some are country chic, some are whimsical, some included accurate information for particular types of plants.

free printable seed packetsThere are three great seed packet posts on the Modish blog, but they are best read in order – One Two Three.  I love Modish for great inspiration and stunning designs.

I don’t know what kind of wicked cool stuff is lurking over at the Wild Life Gardeners forum because my membership hasn’t been approved yet, but it must be awesome if it’s so well guarded.

Here’s some seed packets I made up to share.
printable seed packets for download
8 printable seed packets in PDF format in a zip file.
I used the Modish template to create these and various digi-scrap kits (attributed on the PDFs.)  Enjoy.

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