Monday, June 22, 2009

What a neglectful blogger! artCan you believe the nerve of some people?  They go a whole MONTH without posting a blog entry and then expect every one to be all “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” the next time they post.  Well, if I was you dear reader, I wouldn’t stand for it! 
You’ve probably figured out that I’m talking about myself, right?  I’m sorry!  Life got the best of me again.  I have LOTS of stuff I need to post and I’m going to try to get it up this week.  Don’t give up on my yet folks!
But, I do have a present.  This art print is going to be the basis for some nice new stationery.  I hope you like it!


Tina Kubala said...

This is what Google Reader is for. Your posts pop whenever, no bother for me, Glad you are back.

I am Jamie Sue! said...

I love google reader just for that reason!