Monday, July 27, 2009

FFP’s FIRST GAME!!! (click for full screen)

This is amazing.  You see that?  That little computer game was made by programmer Billy Collins from Aven’s Corner.  Aven’s Corner was inspired by Billy’s son Aven, a delightful 3 year old boy who has Autism.  The games, crafts, and activities on this site are geared specifically to the skills and interests of small children with Autism.
Billy contacted me a while back to ask if he could use my printable emotions bingo game to create an interactive emotions game for his site.  I can’t tell you how thrilled that made me.  I’m always stunned and overjoyed when a reader adapts one of my ideas for their own child – even more so when they share that adaption with others.  Billy even went so far as to let me put the game on my site – making it the first non-printable game to grace this blog.
If you get a chance stop by Aven’s Corner and tell him how much he rocks!

EDITED 8/25/2011:  I don't think my little game is up any more, but still stop by for other great computer games that your special kids can enjoy.

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