Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some nice finds… Download some Joy

I found some pretty stuff today that made me smile and thought I’d share.
free printable notepad Print a Day is sharing some charming stationery.  She’s got such an eye for design.  It should be criminal to be so talented.

free printable paper toy I love Boxy Papercraft Toys, partly because they are quick to assemble and require little in the way of materials and partly because they are so beautifully and energetically illustrated that I can’t help but smile when I see them.  I’m seriously considering building all of them and pinning them to the wall all art-installation style.

printable stamp freebie Paper Crave bestows on us these great love stamp inspired printables.  There are flat cards, address labels, patterned paper, and some cute gift tags.  The gift tags would make perfect stickers.

Speaking of stickers (smooth transition, eh?) here’s a great tutorial for making your own stickers using flavored gelatin.  Sounds pretty kid friendly to me. 

free printable collage papers Thank you Go Make Something for all the awesome free printable collage sheets.  You ROCK!

free printable cards I might have mentioned these before, but Creature Comforts, is providing a wonderful free download of uber cute mini note sheets, library cards, and library card pocket templates.  I’m sure you can find more than one way to use those little pockets.

free printable stationery Stationery Style is a commercial site, but they have some nice looking card downloads.

free printable stickers Lotta Bruhn, fab graphic designer and altruistic sticker maker, has some of the cutest little space and animal themed sticker downloads I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure these little guys can become other forms of busy papery goodness as well.


a print a day said...

aw thanks!


rocky said...

They look pretty awesome, Good work

Michael Lantz said...

I like those prints.Great Work.