Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PECs Printing Software with 5000 Free PECs and a message to my friends.

A reader, Martijn van der Kooij, from the Netherlands, sent me a link to his free Windows based PECs printing software. This is a really nice little application that takes the pain out of arranging, resizing, and printing PECs. It is mostly intuitive, but I'll give my notes on my experience:

Being the academic that I am, the first thing I did was look at the pictures. There are a lot of interesting PECs I haven't seen before. There were even some regarding prayer, death, separation, dating, and other real life topics that I don't often see communicated in PECs. The PECs alone are worth the download.

It took me a second to understand how to move the pictures to the new sheet I was trying to create... until I realized *facepalm* that it was click and drag.

I like the option to change PECs order, size, titles, to add indicators for good actions and wrong actions, and the extra awesome capability to use photos from my computer as PECs.

Make sure you are downloading the latest version or you'll end up updating it right after you download it. Thanks PECSFORALL!!

On a side note, as anyone whose been around a bit knows I've gone back to school, which is why I'm not updating the blog frequently. If you have anything you want to submit, I'll put it up. Feel free to let me know when you've made some cool printable. I love to share creations -- I just don't have the time to research printables myself. On the plus side I made the Dean's list the last two semesters, so I can prove I'm not just slacking off.


Martijn said...

Picto Selector has been updated with new symbols. It has a total of 12000 symbols now!
It also support spanish and Catalan languages now.

Martijn van der Kooij said...

The updates continue, currently Picto Selector has 16000 symbols and supports german language.

Martijn van der Kooij said...

Picto Selector is still growing and contains now over 28000 symbols!