Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Halloween Activities for the Classroom

Free items that you can use as classroom activities or to keep little hands busy while they wait for the big day. has some cute coloring pages with a vintage feel.  Of course when it comes to coloring pages you can just do a Google Image Search for "Halloween coloring pages" and find everything your heart could desire which is why rarely do coloring page posts. has the lock down on Halloween with games, dress up SIMs, craft ideas, make up tips and more.

I like having books on hand.  During Halloween the Halloween books at the library go POOF!  Here are some printable books you can use to supplement what you have at home along with some worksheets and activities.
Mrs. McGowan: Autumn Activities  (I'm listing this as a lesson plan resource)

Here is a cool printable Halloween Book Cover, just for kicks.  From U-Create.

Here are some great free finds I made on

Halloween Sounds: Samples from The Harry Horror ArtFarceProject

It's Halloween Willis! by Jeff Elmassian and Kristine Puich

File Folder Fun has some file folder games that would work great for Halloween.

Spider File Folder Game for X 11

Monster Manners

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