Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reader Submitted Printables!

Hi Jamie Sue!

I loved your most recent blog post with all those great links.  And you're right -- homeschoolers burn through printer paper and ink at an amazing rate! :)  Since you asked for other great sites with free printable resources, I just had to reach out to you... :)

I retired from teaching kindergarten in 2008 and recently started a totally free website devoted to early childhood education -  All of the content is totally free, and I don't even have any advertisements or sponsors.

I have hundreds of free printable worksheets ( on a variety of topics including letter tracing (I have 52, one for each uppercase and lowercase letter), math/number awareness, visual discrimination, auditory processing, phonemic awareness, letter/word awareness, social/emotional development, fine motor development and gross motor development.  I also have 2 free e-books: 1 on helping children learn to read and 1 on helping children learn to write.

Thanks again for all your work in maintaining your site and for sharing all those great printables.  Good luck this year with homeschooling -- you'll love it!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Renee!  I love it when people share their printables with me.  :)

Your Kindergarten Worksheets were really awesome!  Do you illustrate them yourself?  They are really pretty!  I love colorful, well designed printables.

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