Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Printables for Thanksgiving

I don't much care for Thanksgiving.  At my house I like to call it "Forced Servitude and Football Day" where the whole family piles on a ton of extra cooking, cleaning, and washing up then retires to the glory of grunting at the television while I'm stuck with the mess and wrapping up leftovers.  My crew isn't as good at the "giving thanks" part as they are at the eating part.  That's why we go visit family on Thanksgiving when ever possible.  Then I can be handy and helpful without feeling harried and ticked off and everyone takes the time to actually GIVE THANKS.  Of course, my husband LOVES Thanksgiving.

I'm lucky that there are people out there that like turkey day more than me or there'd be no Thanksgiving printables.

Thank goodness Pampers, Playdates, and Parties is a better hostess than me.  She's compiled an awesome list of free printables for Thanksgiving that are classy and cute.
I liked her list so much... Here's her button!  Go tell her how cool she is.

Kaboose has a printable Turkey Football game that might keep the kiddos busy along with some other fun things.  I couldn't find the image file for the bowling, which would have been awesome.  If you see it, let me know where it is.

I can't find this!!!
JellyBean Junkyard compiled a list of pretty Thanksgiving graphics that you can print and hang or display.
This and a few other great printables are linked at JellyBean Junkyard

I do like this pinwheel at CraftJr. and will probably make it for my son.  They also have cute printable Thanksgiving masks.
I do like pinwheels....
Family Fun keeps an epic assortment of family fun-time printables for Thanksgiving.  Browse through and find everything you need to keep little hands out of hot pots while you're cooking.  The activity place mat is my favorite.
Keep them busy!

And that's it.  That's the one post I'll do on my least favorite holiday.  What's my favorite holiday?  Go ahead, take a guess in the comments.  I bet you don't know.


Leslie said...

Thanks so much for sharing my button! I'm so glad you found the roundup useful!

I'm going to take a stab in the dark at your favorite holiday and say Halloween...just because it's around the corner!

Anonymous said...

I know it's Halloween because you are pagan. All of us pagans love Halloween. It's a night of wonder and rejuvination for us.