Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Printable Christmas Decorations -- Art

First.  Art.  You need ART!  Because everything awesome starts with cool art.

Tricia Rennea Illustrations and Mad Cool Stuff Maker
"There are 2 color choices here, each has a text-only version, or a text with a couple of pictures version, use whichever you like,a s many as you like, share them, make art out of them, make cards out of them, scrapbook with them, whatever you choose, enjoy!"
Make sure you leave Tricia Rennea a thank you comment when you download her designs.  She puts a lot of great stuff out there for free.  If you check her free downloads section you'll find Christmas Origami Papers, Label Packs, Winter Stationery, Christmas Thank You Cards, Gift Tags, and Clip Art.

The clip art is really cute and could be used as a virtual gift, an iron on, a label, an image for a gift bag, etc.  They would also look cute as a set of three 5X7 framed pictures.

You can make this decor!  Eighteen25 will show you how!
1.  Download cute subway Christmas art and pennant designs: 
2. Now go learn how to make the pretty pennants:
3. And then get your hands dirty with some glitter trees (check out your local 99 cent store or dollar tree to find the things you need to make these CHEAP)

Consider combining this idea with the Advent Christmas Calendar Cones:

You can use some of that printable Christmas paper from earlier.

Which puts me on the subject of Advent Calendars...

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