Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Printable Swimming and Water Safety

Free Printable Swimming and Water SafetyWith the up and coming summer season, it would be the best time to help educate your children on the dangers of water hazards. Swimming is always and important part to every childs summer and they should know how to enjoy their summer whilst staying safe at the same time. I have found a site that offers a free printable coloring book just for this very thing. They can learn about water safety and have fun doing it too. The coloring book comes in a convient PDF form, so it is easy to and quick to print. I hope you enjoy.

Free Printable Swimming and Water Safety Cooring Book

And for a special educational outlet for those parents out there who don't realize all of the things there really are to be wary of, I have done some research and found a site just for you. It covers all of the facts that you need to know to realize the importance of teaching our children at an early age to stay safe first and fun second.

Water Safety Facts for Parents

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