Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bear In A Hot Air Balloon Growth Chart

growth chart, teddy bear, printable growth chart

Now isn't that about the cutest little thing that you ever did see?!?  I was looking up some "extreme paper crafts" and I found this. But fear not my friends, for this is not a super hard craft!  
This uber-cute printable growth chart is more paper and ink than anything.  There is a two page download with very specific directions, and it takes seven pieces of paper (I would use card stock or a glossy.)
 That's it!

I do believe that this would brighten up just about any play room, bedroom, bathroom wall or classroom!  It is my personal opinion that this would make a lovely gift for a little tyke, elementary school teacher or  Mother's Day gift for any mom out there with kids under 140 cm (4 1/2 feet) tall! :)



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Stephanie Corchado-Castaneda said...

okay, confession time. I said that I was looking for "extreme crafts" when I found this, but it didn't seem that hard....Well, on paper it didn't. Today, I finally got around to making this for my livingroom wall. It was not rocket science, does require some hand and scissor skill that I don't have. It actually calls for an exacto-knife for some of the small parts around the bears head...the only cutting tools that I could even find on short notice (I am so ashamed) were a pair of Betty Crocker Kitchen cutters and a new pair of cuticle trimmers...I made it happen, and it's cute...glad that I'm not getting graded on it though!!!