Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best "POP" Ever! Printable Soda Sleeve For Dad!

"POP" Soda Sleeve

Isn't that just sweet?
What a really cute Father's Day gift idea!

 FYI Father's Day is the 3rd Sunday in June each year (here in the USA).

As you can see from the label picture (without can), there is a "Nutritional Facts" chart.  I am sure that this was what sold me on the whole thing!  Two thumbs way up to Alison at oopseydaisyblog.com!!!

Following this link will not only lead you to the place to download this, it also gives pretty clear directions and a little back ground info about where the idea came from! (I love the personal touches!)

Note: If your "Pop" drinks "ZERO" soda's, this would even blend in with the can! :)

Happy Printing!



Jamie Austin said...

Stealing it.

Jamie Austin said...

Oh, and why are you better at my job than me? Knock it off. You're making me look bad.