Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bringing Awareness To April Being "Emotional Overeating Awareness Month"

(Can I take a moment to thank Cathy Guisewite for bringing to life "Cathy"(( pictured above)), and for giving us hope by bringing us "Cathy", who always fought the good fight!)

April is "Emotional Overeating Awareness Month" and since I am a victim of the "emotional overeating monster"..(and all of her "overeating monster" sisters) I felt that maybe I should address this.  It does seem like the responsible thing to do.  I glare sternly at the word "responsibility"!  ((HUFF))

So...listed below there are links for a chart that helps to pinpoint when and why this emotional eating happens (top link), there is a printable meal planner for when you get things under control (middle link), and finally for those of you/me that are sick of people pointing our weaknesses and want to flaunt our flaws there are free printable mini candy bar wrappers that say things like "You are my Happiness" (bottom link).

Printable Emotional Overeating Problem Finding Chart

Printable Weekly Meal Planner

Printable Candy Bar Wrappers

***DISCLAIMER TIME: Eating a bunch of candy bars, no matter how cute or small they may be is not a "HEALTHY CHOICE"(but if they are eaten in moderation, in my personal opinion, they are a nice way to find a small amount happiness without overeating plus and these printable are still really awesome and a really cute idea for a lot of other reasons, like party favors and stuff) *I am not a health care official, dietitian or anyone to take medical or dietary advise from on the real*.., and now I have to do more disclaiming: Overeating IS dangerous, especially when it is emotionally overeating, which can lead to sever depression (and isn't that what leads most of us do it in the first place? we need to make this worse?!?!), obesity is a major contributor in many serious illnesses and death causing catastrophes, please be health conscious for your own sake, and for those who love you as well. And I will like-wise try.  Let's be Healthy! :) ***

Be Happy, Print Freely, HAPPY PRINTING!!!


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