Monday, April 7, 2014

Can Dogs Print this Free Printable "What Can Dog's Do?" Book?

For all our "Monkey" book fans (yes, there is still some issues with getting them back up and going) I have found these great new books at!

Though we are offer the "Why Monkey, Why?" and "Where is Monkey" sent via email, we have yet to locate some of the others. :(

But, in the mean time, why not share these other really great learning tools?!?!

There are wonderful photo's of dogs in this particular book called, "What Can Dogs Do?" written  by Ruth Morgan. In this free printable book one has to match up the activity (a small cut out "card" has a picture and printed word for the actions.)

There are other book on the site like the "Counting Horses" verb book.  I have yet to check these out, but be sure to look in on them, and let the author know if you think her work is as great as I do! :)

Happy Printing!!!
What Can Dogs Do? by Ruth Morgan


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