Thursday, April 3, 2014

Celebrate the Maltese Freedom Day with this Free Printable Flag

Malta Flag
Maltese Freedom Day Free Printable

I have heard of the "Maltese Diamond", and "Maltese puppies".  Surely they got that name form somewhere, right?  Okay, I did a little research, for the pure geekiness of it.  I found that the Maltese diamond has a weight of 68 carats, the dogs have long hair, and that they both got their name from a small Mediterranean Country named Malta.  I also learned that they are celebrating Freedom Day on the same day as they celebrate Easter (April 18, 2014).  So, since their version of our "4th of July" here in the U.S.of A. I thought that I would post a link to some really cool Malta flag stuff! There's a printable flag, puzzle, book marks, lot's of great stuff there!

...on a side note, Aunt Stephanie hopes that you like the new flags I found, Daaks!! <3


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