Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cute Postal Worker Puppies Download

Have a favorite person at your local post office? Someone who is extra nice when you need a penny for a stamp?  Your delivery man/woman always have a nice smile, even when it's drizzling and the snow is still on the ground and they've walked in it ten blocks before they got to your yard? Just want something cute for yourself?

You can get these cuties together of individually at **.

The images are large enough that you could print them on iron-on paper and make a cute t-shirt, or you could leave them that size or reduce them (you save the image after all, play with the size if you need to) and use them for a nice card; after all July 1st is NATIONAL POSTAL WORKER DAY!

PS. It's always on July 1st, no need to google that if you are seeing this years form today...4/16/14 :)


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