Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disney Themed Easter Egg Crafts

Perry Easter Egg

Perry Platypus Easter Egg

Perry the Platypus doubles as an Easter Decoration? The Cheshire Cat as an egg?...Sure, why not?  Check out the Disney character inspired printable crafts.  They are really cute! They do require a few things beyond printer, paper and ink, but it is mostly house hold stuffs like paper towel tubes, craft dots and a plastic cap (ie. orange juice carton lid.)  Locating odd household items and dying eggs should be the biggest time consumers for either of these projects. I think that these will impress the young and young-at-heart alike!

  Cheshire Cat Easter Egg
Cheshire Cat Easter Egg

UPDATE: I just finished this project, messy, but fun! :) (Dinky helped make them both the "messier" and "funner")..but when I was telling my sister-in-law about them, she had a great idea! If one were to take the same steps, but substitute the real egg with a color-equivalent PLASTIC EGG then it would be faster, easier, cleaner, and it could just be put in the shoe box in the closet with the other Easter decorations for next year! :)  Just a thought! :)


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