Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Egg Accordion Flip Card Tutorial and Template

Let me start off by saying that this is NOT for the weak of heart!  This is the real deal for only the bravest and most craftiest of you. Notice that I said "of you"...I am not even going to try this for I am only marginally crafty.  BUT, it is pure pleasure for me to find and pass along great free printable things...and this is GREAT, FREE, and the template is PRINTABLE!  There is a full run down on the site of what to do, where the idea came from, all of it! These folk at are kicking up a notch and bringing home the gold!  There are other similar projects there and I will pop those up on you later or you can check them out while you are there....I can only morally break down spirits with one extreme craft at a time...(because there are some who will inevitable try this and fail in ways that are EPIC)...BUT, be strong, be brave and try anyway!  These are a great way to show off not only how crafty you are, but also a fantastic Easter-deco-conversation piece!  Who doesn't want folks that only see you twice a year (and both times it's to eat up your award-winner 'tater salad, and drive away bad mouthing your choice of toilet paper) to have something beautifully eye catching to talk about instead of giving Aunt Gertrude's gallbladder problem updates?!?!?  Ca-Ching! We have a WINNER!!!



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