Friday, April 4, 2014


printable spanish alphabet flash cards

Hi there, Stephanie here again.  As some of you may have guess (the one's who saw my intro at least), from seeing the picture of my son Denver and I, my home is a bi-lingual home.  Though English is the dominate language, I do feel that my son will gain many things from learning not only English but his fathers native Spanish as well.  Not only will he have a foot up when he has to take a second language is his middle or high school years (many years from now), but more importantly he will be able to communicate with members of his family that still live in Mexico, with some of the only speaking Spanish. 

When he hit 14 months I decided that flash cards with site words were a good idea...and at 16 months he could read "up" and "on" and "off", not so much that he could say "off", but he could preform the action (with the light switch and t.v.) Now at 17 months (in 2 days) his language is still a little behind.  His pediatrician has told me over and over that this is normal for children that are learning two or more languages from jump, and that he just has more to take in.  I am seriously considering flash cards with pictures and words to try to help this along.  

I found a site that offers flash cards with very simple images in Espanol that I feel may be a decent starting point. These particular cards are ABC type cards with the recognizable pictures and the "names" of said pictures, I really liked them.

Flash cards in English seem to be a dime a dozen for free, but decent Spanish cards were not so easy to find.  But after some digging I unearthed these.  

They are so simply yet beautifully put together that even a small child can probably understand the images, but this could be fun for anyone of any age!  
Never to young or old to learn something new!

Free Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards


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