Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Free Printable About Me Book

about me printable book
An "About Me" book is an excellent way to encourage a child to write and read. You can approach making a book in two ways. You can create a book that talks about where the child lives, what they like to do, what their favorite colors are, etc. Or you can create a photo book with captions that the child can read. I chose to create a book that captioned photos of daily activities. I did this to help my son practice the phrase "I am" and to practice words ending in "ing." Pictures of him doing familiar things help to reinforce his everyday language use. I happened to have photos of all these mundane daily tasks, but it would have been fun to take pictures with the boy and put them in the book or to have him choose the correct picture that goes with the sentence. So I created an about me book template to use later. It stresses "I am" and words ending in "-ing" and discusses activities that most small children do.

Printable About Me Book PDF

There are some great About Me Books online too.

This Printable About Me Book from KidPrintables encourages writing, reading, and coloring skills. The illustrations are cute and children can discuss subject like their home, their pets, and friends in their book.

Alphabet Soup has a great I am Special book that would be excellent in a classroom setting. Children can write about their address, phone numbers, birth date and other biographical data that they need to learn.

DLTK has a cool interactive page for creating a Printable About Me Book online. You can select different variables to create the book like the type of pet they own or home they live in. This would be a great activity to do with a child to help them make a correlation between online and desk learning.

My son really enjoys reading his book. He likes discussing what is happening in the photos and the fact that he can sound out the words with the help of the picture cues. To assemble it I cut out the pages leaving some extra space on the left hand side. I made a cover out of cardboard from a cereal box wrapped in craft paper, but I've include a title page in the template. I punched two holes in the left hand border and tied the book together with a piece of lacy ribbon.

With Christmas around the corner a book like this would be a great gift from the child to their grandparent or an awesome keepsake for mom and dad.

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