Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Free Printable Bilingual Yard Sale Signs (English/Spanish)

The nice lady over at Life in ENGSPANOL (it's me, Stephanie...I am shameless, I know. But this is Jamie's site and I am her proxy so I am totally doing this in third person)  has made these wonderful English/Spanish yard sale signs.

If you, like Stephanie(me), live in a split culture area (there is a large hispanic population where she lives) and are planning on having one or more yard/garage sales this year and don't want to lose out on potential customers this is the best way to let people not only know how to find you.  It's like a welcome sign to those who speak Spanish!  Hey,  why not include anyone and everyone that is planning on taking away your old stuff and giving you money for it?!?!

There is the sign that is shown below that you can put at the end of the driveway, or in the yard.  There are others with directional arrows and they point the way to your sale.  Post them on stakes along the road or on light posts like you would any other yard sale sign.

You don't speak Spanish? NO PROBLEM!  :)  As long as everything has a clearly marked price then this should be easy enough...a dollar sign and a cents sign are widely understood.  When it comes time to collect money, as you tally allow let your math be seen and point to the "total".  Numbers are the same in Spanish and English! :)  Or you could just pantomime with your figures on you fingers.., but that one is a little harder.

Note from Stephanie: Speaking English LOUDER to someone who doesn't understand it (no matter what other language they speak) will not help them to better understand you...the person that you are trying to communicate with may or may not be hard of hearing, but if they don't understand then they just don't.  We are all people, we just don't all speak the same language.  It is better to gesture and play the guessing game if you have to, communication is possible! :)  

Happy Printing and Good Luck with Your Yard Sale! :)


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