Saturday, April 26, 2014

Free Printable Derby Day Hat Designs

Being from Kentucky, Jamie and I (Jamie migrated north to Ohio, but she is still Kentucky born and bred) have to at minimum acknowledge the Derby Day Festivities.  I am sure that this a requirement.  

We are from a small rural area that is close enough to Louisville, KY (where the Derby lives) that our small community still reaps the benefits of the sports spectators rolling thru and jamming up our McDonalds, taking over our Waffle House and leaving no vacancies at the only hotel that let's locals rent a room for the night.  But the flux of cash for our little Bumpkin Patch is greatly needed!  So, thank you (I think) Derby for sending us the overflow! :)    (Plus, a lot of famous people stop through and some folks are lucky enough to grab autographs, photo's with stars or nasty used food wrappers to sell on Ebay...gross...but profitable.)

Anyhow,  each year our school children have a "Derby Day Celebration" and they make and take in Derby-style (not the traditional "derby" but "Derby" with a capital letter, like the stars where) hats. These hat are grand on a fabulous scale of wrongness (LOOOOVE IT), from being loud colors, to having huge plumage, silly patterns, just fun!  And   sometimes they have races around the playground with or without their hats on and win little prizes.  Good Stuff.  

I know that we here locally celebrate this in a grand way, and I see the national morning shows and so-forth having fun with this theme.  I thought...this may be bigger than just little ol' Kentucky! So, if our festivities have reached your home or work, or childs school then maybe these may be helpful, or just fun for you and yours! :)

Check out all of these printable designs can be found at one place Easy Paper  Hats (Derby Day)  (which are not design specific so you can do them as zany as you like)!

I have went with hats, not horses for this post because the hats seem to be the biggest winners of the day!  I hope that you have fun with this and later on today I plan on getting in a nice printable rose garland craft because the winning horse from the "Run for Roses"get's to wear the wreath of roses (the most coveted "Kroger" flower arrangement, and horse racing trophy in the equestrian racing world!), and some paper ponies or something to that effect.  It's a work in progress...

Happy Derby Day! Happy Printing!

Note: These are flat image hats, but the have a ringlet which allows them to be put on like a paper crown, so, totally wearable! :)

and for more Derby fun check out LET THE DERBY PARTY BEGIN (GRADES K-5)



Jamie Austin said...

I saw the Derby Day signs on my way to Louisville to visit Dad in the hospital. Oh be still, my beating heart! I love nothing more than lovely ladies in frivolous hats, gents dressed to the nines, and a good mint julep.

Stephanie Corchado-Castaneda said...

I hope you hugged him for me! And isn't Derby such an exciting thing! My hatted favorites are the little white haired ladies that have shrunk to half of their height...and they make up for with these huge hats with even ridiculously large flowers and plumage! I am not making fun in any way...I think that it's beautiful and these ladies usually look like they FEEL beautiful and so they are!!! :) :) :) KEEP UP THE LOVELY "HATTING" LADIES! :)