Thursday, April 10, 2014

Free Printable Happy Birthday Pull-Card

I stopped by a site that I really like ( )  this morning to have a look around at what new thing Kellie might have added since I was there last.  She often has printables, but other things are there too such as beautiful photos, the cutest sewing notion ideas, non-printable paper craft ideas, the works!  Sometimes I just like to window shop through her "pretties" and let them calm me.  (I am not crafty enough to do a lot of the things there..., but wow they sure are purty!) Oh how I do ramble on..., anyhow, while there I found a link that she shared for another site called ohhappyday(dot)com and was lead to the most darling (and expensive looking) free printable HAPPY BIRTHDAY PULL CARD!  You may be asking yourself (because surely you all talk to yourselves the way that I do), "Self, just what is a happy birthday pull card?"...Well here is your answer in photo-form:
Instant gratification!

Okay, so it's tubular-ish (okay, so it's a rectangle, but it gives the illusion of being tubular) and doesn't open like you plain old ordinary card, it has a visible tab at the bottom that you (or the card recipient) pull down to reveal the in inside message.  What a great gift idea! There is some work involved, but like all good cratfty-crafting paper projects....we cross our fingers, and pray that we read the directions right!, Oh...oopsy, what I meant to say was, that like all good crafty-crafting, it may take some time, and we may bleed a little (paper cuts can be vicious!) but the end result may just possibly be AWESOME!! I jest, if we put our hearts into our crafts, even if we totally botch things up, they will still be perfect to someone!   <3   But no real worries here;  this one is fairly simple, a lot of stuff to do, but really good directions! Old pro's will have her done up in a snap, and newbies won't have a hard time of it either!   :)

Again, a special thanks to Kellie at 74limelane(dot) for pointing us to this super cute candle-looking Happy Birthday Pull-Card! Like us, you share! :)



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