Friday, April 18, 2014

Free Printable "Punch-Buggy Tally" and "License Plate Game" Roadtrip Games

Dreading that crazy cross-country/town trip with the kids screaming their heads off and fighting over who crossed the invisible line into the other ones unmarked-yet-very-real territory?  Why not entertain them (while sneaking in a Math and/or learn-the-name-of-the-states lesson) with one or both of these car games?
(These two projects alone can keep two sets of hands busy at one time...just saying)

"Punch Buggy" was a favorite in our family when I was young, except we called it "Slug-Bug", and no one was allowed to slug the driver or anyone sleeping!  Above is a link to a tally game with a few different rules.  The score keeper puts a tally mark for every time a "punch buggy" is spotted  (the color still get's called out by who ever sees it first, in in many cases 3 or more people at the same time) and  it gets logged and no one gets hit.  Good idea, yes? I thought it was. Plus you can up the ante by having everyone "bet" on what color you will see more of along the road, winner gets  ___agreed upon prize___.

I snagged this list of the 50 states in alphabetical order (easier to track the state's name) for the "License Plate" game.  No need to try to count all of the states in your head and lose track, just mark them off as you go!  See a license plate from my home state of Kentucky, scratch it off the list, Florida, marked off!  Then when you get to where you are going just count the marked off states. Done.  ((Note: Printing one? Print two.  Most road trips are two-way trips!))


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