Friday, April 25, 2014

Free Printable "WORLD'S GREATEST TEACHER" Award Ribbon Paper Craft

WOW. This was so much fun to create!  Let me start off by saying that there is a teacher (or several, or even many) that have touched most of us in a special way!  Our teachers are (in my personal opinion) not shown thanks nearly enough for the wonders that they do!  For not only do they teach or children, they watch out for them, be a friend, a mentor, referee, boo-boo mender, you name it!  If you or your child have greatly appreciated a special (or several) teacher(s) this year then maybe on the last day of school (which is sooner than ya think) you can honor them with this cute token of thanks! :)

**These are pictures are the finished product. (note: bottom ribbon piece's colors were changed after these pictures were taken, you will see the difference.)

  Here is the link to project: Wold's Greatest Teacher Ribbon

It's a quick print, cut, stack, glue craft that the kid-o's can help with! :)

PS. Ribbon bottom's are a little off kilter, the top part of the bottom/hangy-part ribbons will not be seen; my child was pulling my arm when I was in PAINT and this was the end one will know if we don't tell them! :)

PSS. I used card stock, but regular paper, or some nice glossy would work too. :)



I was over at and found these classroom door decorating ideas...I have no printables in mind for these projects in particular;  just thought that you might be interested! :)  They are really awesome door decorations! :)


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