Saturday, April 5, 2014

Get Your Vintage Iron-on On

Free-Bride-and-Groom-Wedding-Printables-by-FPTFYI am SO PUMPED about this find!  As I have before mentioned, I am not only a proud Mamma, but a very proud aunty of like a thousand! (I am sure that number is not completely accurate, but at Christmas dinner when they are all running around like nuts..I assure you that it doesn't seem that exaggerated.) Since I am the "funny aunt" then some times gifting can be difficult. I have to something loud, or odd, or super cute, over-the-top at minimal.  Again I will bring up that there are a LOT of babies in my brood.  And now I point out that my budget is a very sad thing, it is always short of the designer-brand glory that most children would expect from the "favored aunt" (don't tell my sisters that I said that, they think that THEY are the favorites. I made the kids promise not to let the rest of them know that I am so much cooler. There's no need in hurting feeling here.)

Free Printable Vintage Cowboy T Shirt Iron DIY Design
Free Printable Bird T Shirt Transfer DesignFree Printable Iron Ons..So, back to topic.  When the older children (the oldest graduating college with a Bachelors degree this year, and getting married a few months later) were younger I used to embroider pillows, or hand stitch little dolls or other cutesy crafty things.  This was often very time consuming to say the least, and often somewhat expensive.  So, this year I was looking for gift ideas for my babes to get a jump on upcoming birthdays, Easter, family functions like weddings, etc. and come across this awesome retro-style page that has large (T-shirt or throw pillow size) iron on transfers in vintage images at NO CHARGE! Vintage t-shirts are still the new black, so I plan on taking total advantage of the beautiful offerings made by the nice folks.  This works for young or old, boy or girl.  I plan on making the cowboy t-shirt like pictured above for my Dinky to wear with his Wranglers and cowboy boots.  There is a Bride and Groom transfer that I plan on using for my niece Robbie as part of the present her upcoming nuptials, and the little birdy (see above) will be perfect on different colored solid tanks for my younger nieces. (I think that I will add those to their Easter Baskets!) These are a few of the items available in this particular tab of their site.  If vintage anything is your thing, then do yourself a favor and check them out!  I am in love with this site and the wealth of beauty that I have found within! Thank you for being AWESOME and FREE!!!!!


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These are so pretty. They looks really classy too. Thank you so much! Crossing my fingers and hoping that they print well and that my old iron will still get hot!