Friday, April 25, 2014

How A Visit From The Tooth Fairy Can Be FABULOUS!

My (almost) 18 month old son is teething for ten thousandth month in a row!  Trust me, the math is correct, the bags under my eyes are telling this story and they do not lie!  Anyhow, I got to thinking, we brush (and have since before the 1st tooth, it's never to early to start good habits), we take good care of the 12 (almost 16) teeth that he has, and even after all of this care...they will still fall out in a few years! NOT FAIR! I HAVE SUFFERED TO GET THESE TEETH HERE!!! (I am sure you understand.)

So I decided to be prepared for this day of days when my son loses the teeth that I have fought so hard with the cosmos  to get here!  

I found so many free, printable and NICE things to make this less stressful on me, and more memorable for him! Though I am not truly looking forward to the day/night when the first "wiggle tooth" makes it's way out, I do think that these ideas below will make the whole experience more "do-able" for me.  (I think that it's a much bigger deal to us than to our kids. After all, once the prize money is spent and the big tooth comes's over for them...but for us, or babies are growing up and we will now have to occasionally visit the Tooth Fairy Castle ((or where ever it is that that tooth/teeth went to live)) so that we can visit the babyhood of our's sad.)

The first items links here are both from and one is a lost tooth record, it has a denist-record type of set up and specific info area.  It's a mommy treasure for sure!  The second is a "Tooth Came Late" letter; because sometimes she/he just can't be there on that first night for whatever reason.  I know, handy right?!?

Next up are "Letters To The Tooth Fairy" (one shown above) from This let's the child become more involved and also allows them to make a "reasonable" request for a money amount or other prize. (I believe that these prizes are like a wish-list and totally up to the T.F. is she/he chooses to pay that, or if it's a "You get what you get, and don't throw a fit", thing!)

These little cuties above are freebies from Hallmark (SCORE!) and they are simply divine!  The certificate come is not only the green shown above but in pink and blue as well.  I believe that the tooth goes into the envelope after child and/or parent/guardian fills out the non-flap-bearing side (all but the "official use only" tab), and upon collection T.F. fills out the rest and leaves "payment" for that dental-goldmine that she/he has safely stashed away.

Lastly, for those that would like to keep the bloody tooth/teeth in one envelope and coinage/payment separate to lessen the spread of grossness, there are these pairs of mini-envelopes brought to us by  There are the blue envelopes and the pink envelopes both pictured below.

So, even though this may be a bitter/sweet day for you, it can still be FABULOUS!!!


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