Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing Stephanie

Hello all.  Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Stephanie Corchado-C.  I am Jamie Sue's sister (I will claim to be the's probably not very true.) I am jumping in to help with the site while Jamie takes some time to finish up her last year of schooling (for this round of it anyhow.)  In taking a moment to babble on about myself please let me start by saying, I am a 30-something, late-blooming mother of the most awesome little boy in my world! His name is Dinky, and he is now almost 17 months old, and he is possibly part monkey...It would seem that monkeys run in our family!  I am also a wife to a very handsome man, with a sassy since of humor (I think that he is reading over my shoulder, in all honesty, I would some days sell him for a wooden nickel, or best offer...I jest of course...maybe.) :)  I am also the proud aunty to 5 wonderful young men (including Daaks who is of course the original "Monkey" from the series of Monkey books written by his very talented mother Jamie Sue Austin..I may be a tad partial), and 4 lovely young ladies. I am also a trained-but-out-of-work-in-that-field phlebotomist, I read mostly children's books (from lack of choice and/or time to read the short stories and poetry that I LOVED in my life pre-child.), with other interests that include day dreaming about taking naps (he will one day start school, right?!?) and finding fun tings to decorate my house with.., it is a very oddly decorated house...very, very odd, and shiny to boot and that make's me happy!

It is very nice to be a part of FREEPRINTABLEFUN.ORG. I welcome all feed back, and I hope to be helpful to any and all of you.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and more importantly for taking the time to stop by. Happy printing!!! :)

ps. I can be reached at my personal email with any comments or requests, especially those that you may have that contain personal information such as but not limited to: you may need to leave your personal email address for a request and do not to post it publicly. Please feel free to reach me this way, and please allow 2 business days for a response.  Again I thank you and HAPPY PRINTING!! :)

UPDATE: I talk a whole lot about Dinky (my son) and his antics, but I have an older picture posted and it's hard to imagine a baby that small getting into the mischief that he gets into.  So I have decided to put up a picture that we took recently. It was during a recent trip to our local traders mall to show that he is indeed big enough to be the lovable culprit that I make him out to be! <3 :)

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