Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let The Derby Day Party Begin! (grades K-5)

Okay, I know that I was supposed to have some more Derby themed things up yesterday (it's 2:02 A.M. here in KY, but in California, it's 11:00ish-I think, so...earlier today...) but I was trying to get something done on my brand new blog :LIfe In Espanol .  I am just blog-sitting for Jamie at the moment...but only having one post...ever..I had to do something with mine today. So, like every other woman in the world, I multi-tasked, took out two bird with one stone and am now going to link you to my blog to find all of these cute things that you see pictured below and a detailed explanation of how they all work together for a grand "racing" event for your young folk! :)

Note: Yes, I went to "Paint" and made these and they are not art-gold, but I thought that they were fun and I hope that you think so too! :)

This is a play package that includes: wearable jockey helmets, a pin-to-your-shirt horse with name(naming the horse involves a name-match-up game), and rosettes for the winner's circle garland.  Have fun with it!


The helmet comes in 7 designs, including a "BlanK" all in one download, but on separate sheet...only print what you like...there are 8 "rosettes" per sheet, and a list of horse names for a silly game.


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