Friday, April 4, 2014

Making Memories With Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Finger Puppets craft

One of my fondest memories from Ms. McBurney's first grade class (yes, I can remember back that far, but was a VERY long time ago) was of a puppet variety show that we put on for the neighboring classroom's students.  I was the smallest billy goat from "Three Billy Goats Gruff".  We made our own puppets at home and bought them in.  Mine was made from a blue sock with purple polk-a-dots, and indented, talking mouth (inverted toe area) with a red felt tongue hot glued inside the "mouth" and tan pom-pom balls for horns hot glued on either side of it's sewn on button eyes.  I was so proud! (Mom did most of handy work, I did however cut out the tongue from the felt sheet, dig out matching buttons from the jar and pick out the sock.)
So today as I was reminiscing on the "good ol' days", I thought, "Hey, why not find some puppet ideas for Easter?"  After all, though my son was here last Easter, he was like 5 months old and he didn't know it from any other day.  Truth be told, he is not big enough to hold memories of this year and carry them into adulthood, but hey "Carpe Diem", right?  Besides, I can show him how much fun we had later and in front of his little friends when he is 15 with the hundreds of pictures that I will surely take and hours of video that I love to bore people with!

So, I found some printable Easter finger puppets that I would like for us to use. They are of course printable and free, or I wouldn't be posting them here. :) There are very basic, like the ones that you may have cut colored, cut and glued when you were younger. Materials needed are simply: regular printing paper, scissors, crayons (or makers, color pencils, etc.), and a glue stick.  See, easy, cheap, and fun!

After I print these cute little guys out Dinky (my little Denver) can color them.  My little guy is actually pretty good at keeping crayons on the paper.  I am knocking on wood as I brag about the fact that he packs his twist-up crayons around without eating to much of the waxy goodness that they MUST be, or coloring up my walls or fridge.  I will of course be doing the cutting, but there is no reason that he can't assist with the gluing.  I shouldn't have all of fun, getting children involved can be a so rewarding to all involved!

No doubt that our end product will be tinted with two or less colors total, and none of these colors will be dedicated to one coloring area, and I may have to scour the glue from my crafting mats  but wow this is gonna good hopefully-not-to-messy FUN!!!

If this looks like awesome fun for your Easter Season festivities then try it, and if it as much fun for you as I think it will be for us then please share your story! We love getting feed back! :)


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