Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monkey’s Book of Opposites

Monkey’s Book of Opposite was created by Ashley Wyse for Children’s Hospital.  Ashley used Monkey from some of the other books on this site to create a learning aid that explores opposites.  The concepts in the book are those that children with speech needs struggle most with.
High Five Ashley!  You are awesome!
Monkey and Friends: Opposites (PPT)   Monkey and Friends: Opposites (PDF)
FYI:  It’s Ashely’s work, so I won’t modify it.  It’s in the PowerPoint 2007 format for Windows.  To complete the book you will need a bit of rough material to cut a circle from, a feather, and a popsicle stick in addition to the laminate, Velcro, paper and ink needed for the other books.
Here are some photos of the one we used in speech therapy today:

monkey book autismmonkey book opposites learning opposites autism
teach opposites special needs
I love that little Monkey.

Monkey Preposition Fan


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